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Service & Parts

Mike Marchese
Fixed Operations Manager

Mike Marchese (pronounced maar-kee-zee) has been the Fixed Operations Director at Speck Hyundai of Tri-Cities since 2017. His number one goal is to maintain customer satisfaction in our service and parts departments.

When you don't see Mike at work you may find him out fishing, golfing, or spending time with his family. Mike said his biggest inspiration is his wife (collective awwwww).

Schedule your next automotive service appointment with Mike!

Jessi Pinkal
Service Advisor

Meet our Service Adivsor, Jessi Pinkal! You'll find Jessi in the service drive answering questions and making sure your vehicle is 100% up-to-date on maintenance. If she's not in the service department, she's probably sneaking around corners trying to scare her co-workers, which everyone just loves.

Jessi's inspiration is her Papa Buddy where she received her name sake. She says "he is the hardest working man and has always take care of his family and friends. He would truly give the shirt off his own back to someone in need". Outside of work Jessi enjoys boating, fishing, four-wheeling, having dance parties with her daughter, hanging out with her family and cooking big dinners for family and friends. Stop by and say hi to Jessi!

Rafael Luna
Service Adivsor

Rafael joined the Speck Hyundai service team towards the end of 2020 as a Service Advisor. His responsibilities include ensuring guests have their auto service needs addressed, help advise necessary repairs and maintenance, and making the morning coffee (so if its too strong, you know who to blame). Outside of work, Rafael loves spending time with his wife and kids. If he's not home, he can be found fishing or on the turn tables. Whether he's at work or at home, Rafael has the special super power of turning frowns upside down. Come say hi and get to know our newest team member!

Gabe Allec
Parts Manager

Meet our Parts Manager, Gabe Allec! He's been working at Speck Hyundai since 2016. According to Gabe, his main responsibility at work is keeping the flux capacitor running at a constant 1.21 gigawatts. Outside of work you can find Gabe playing video games or practicing some Huey Lewis and the News tunes on his guitar.

You know that super cool DeLorean you see driving around the Tri-Cities every once in a while.... that's not Gabe.

Drew Waltman
Parts Advisor

Meet Drew, a Parts Advisor at Speck Hyundai. Drew spends his day sourcing, researching and supplying parts to guests and our Service Department. Drew's brain is full of useless facts. Come fact check Drew!

  • Alaska is the only state whose name is on one row on a keyboard.
  • Golf balls usually have 336 dimples.
  • The inventory of Pringles is buried in a Pringles can.
  • Movie trailers got their name because they were originally shown after a film.
  • Chuck Norris counted to infinity- twice.



Andy Flynn
General Manager

Dan Couch
Sales Manager

You probably already know him, but meet our Sales Manager, Dan Couch! Dan joined the Speck Family in 2018 and has been an amazing addition to the team since. He's responsible for motivating our sales team and training them in the fine art of customer service.

When he's not at work you can find him on the turn tables or out in the forest camping, hiking and chasing waterfalls. But can he remix "Waterfalls" while in the forest chasing waterfalls? Challenge accepted! Dan's advice: "life is too short, so go on an adventure while you can!". 

Chris Penny
Sales Manager

Meet our Sales Manager Chris Penny! As a Sales Manager, his responsibilities include motivating salespeople, providing top-notch customer service, getting car loans funded, training the sales team, appraising trade-in's, and so much more.

Outside of work Chris enjoys long walks on the beach, weight lifting, swimming, classic cars, and watching cooking TV shows. He may be tall in stature, but he's a softy at heart. Chris says he cries every time he watches The Notebook inspirational and motivational videos!

Katie Forney
Director of Operations

Cole Moore
Sales Manager



Michael Landon
Sales Professional

Jorge Murillo
Sales Professional

Lucio Valencia
Sales Professional

Scott Magnusan
Sales & Leasing Professional

Meet Scott Magnuson, a Sales and Leasing Professional at Speck Hyundai of Tri-Cities. Scott's primary role is find guests the fight vehicle to fit their wants and needs. You'll enjoy the buying process thanks Scott's the light-hearted sense of humor. Stop by and say "Hi" to Scott today!

Sidney McCord
Sales & Leasing Professional

Sid McCord is a Sales and Leasing Professional at Speck Hyundai of Tri-Cities. His ability to connect with people helps Sid to find the right vehicle to meet guests needs. In his spare time, Sid enjoys fishing, softball, and spending time with his family. If you're in the market for a vehicle, come see SId!

Kyran Drysdale
Sales & Leasing Professional

Meet Ky, a Sales and Leasing Professional at Speck Hyundai. Ky's goal is to help guests find a vehicle they will love. Outside of Speck Hyundai, you can find Ky fishing on the river, spending time with family, or watching some football. Stop by and say "hi" to Ky! 



Oudorn Srisuwan
Finance Manager

Ross Forney
Finance Manager